RealTag were excited to attend the World Mobile Congress #WMC16. Over the four days the team was able to showcase our offering to several firms interested in bridging the identity gap between the real and online world.

But all work and no play... Oscar and I did find time to explore the halls and keep abreast of trends, gadgets and general geekdom. I actually saw one smartwatch - a moto 360 powered by Android Wear - that I would wear, but I passed up the 4D experiences whilst I await my surgery.

The scale of the event is hard to take in, but my UP app happily took stock of the mileage - upwards of 20, 000 steps each day. Lunchtime on the Monday was already looking like a peak event, but little did I know I would be doing the same morning and afternoon. I shall not be telling this to my surgeon or physiotherapist!  

What was equally traumatic was the lack of WiFi on the event floors: in every hall there was limited or no signal, and whilst my roaming charges aren't bad (due to the EU regs) the signal was weak. Seems the venue wants it's pound of flesh from the exhibitors, who paid €€€ for connections, and risked being evicted if they set up a MiFI hotspot.

8K TV is mental! I would have watched more, but the novelty couldn't be sustained due to the video being of South Korean basketball... The S7 is disappointing, and its Android brethren failed to get the blood pumping. The 4K video capture on a mobile was pretty cool, and the video had the unreal look you see on the large UHD screens coming from Samsung et al. The photo from my 6S Plus doesn't do the image justice, so you'll need to take it on trust. The Orison claims to be the "First Home Battery System You Simply Plug in to Install" and is available for pre-order now on If only we got sun in Birmingham...

VR is coming, but the headsets might not be to everyone's liking. The GoPro kit was definitely the best, and the competition has a long way to come to be anywhere close to the fun and intuitive experience. Whilst I did some rooftop bicycle riding, Oscar got very into the surfing. 


I would like to personally thank Ted Bartlett at digitata for the warm welcome, hosting us and getting us meetings with potential clients. Your team were great and Oscar and me both enjoyed ourselves.