RealTag’s mission is simple: to provide authentication through a smartphone. People, objects, assets or services can be verified using our flexible cloud-based technology. What comes next is down to your needs as a brand.

We understand the technical challenges of creating something that is innovative, easy to use and absolutely secure, so with support from our partners we are developing such a solution. A solution that turns every smartphone into a verification tool.

Brand owners can identify each product down to the individual item level. If a consumer wants to know the story of the product, brand owners can provide it – in real time.

RealTag’s innovation opens the door to consumers and organisations alike to retrieve information via tags, which can then be used to determine authenticity, provenance, or be used to track and trace goods as they move across the globe.

RealTag are bring together identity and presence along with customer insight, and have filed for multiple patents with the UK Intellectual Property Office to enable us to commercialise this technology.

By working closely with brand owners, we understand the desire to adopt a solution that is accessible and easy for their customers to use. We are developing a system which works across smartphone platforms, and through understanding user trends are developing a QR code-free solution.